Arizona undoes reopening during coronavirus flows

Arizona undoes reopening during coronavirus flows

Arizona’s governor announced a one-month pause in some businesses Monday, in response to an increase in coronavirus cases in the state.

Republican Government Doug Ducey ordered bars, nightclubs, gyms, movie theaters and water parks to close again for at least 30 days, starting Monday night.

The ban on gathering more than 50 people has also been re-established.

“We can’t be under any illusion that this virus will go away on its own,” said Ducey.

The Grand Canyon State had emerged from the home order in mid-May, but COVID-19 infections have started to skyrocket ever since.

A record 3,858 new cases were reported on a single day for most government on Sunday. Hospitals across the state had a 84 percent capacity on Sunday.

Although many districts planned to start the academic year in late July or early August, Ducey ordered public schools to be postponed until at least 17 August.

The governor called on Arizonans to keep their distance to each other, but did not make a state-wide decision that required people to wear masks.

About three more states came – Florida, California and Texas – withdrew their reopening after the increase in cases.

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