Argonone attentive after discovering a case of avian flu south of Argne

The province of Ardennes has announced that a new case of the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 was confirmed on 19 March in a stork in the city of Amazon.

This is the third case in Ardennes wildlife since the beginning of the year. Not permeable to humans, the virus spreads throughout Europe via birds. To prevent its spread, a temporary control zone has been established within a radius of 5 kilometers around the site of the stork being discovered.

Poultry movement ban

Strict measures, including a ban on poultry and their products, should be seen in 17 municipalities: Mont-Laurent, Thugney-Trugni, Kursi, Sorcy-Bothamont, Salles-Monklin, Saesces-Champenoises, Ambly-Fleury, Amagne, Givry, Luski, Novi- Chevrores, Fox, Allend’Hue-et-Sauceauil, Doux, Auboncourt-Vujells, Rettel and Seil.

This week, health trips will be made to business establishments in the respective regions.

No cases have been identified in the Argonne Champenoise, but attention is drawn to professionals and environmental associations.

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