Argentine Tango ‘can’t believe it’ then Ranveer Singh was dragged to one side by Craig on TV and radio. Showbiz and TV

When Craig Revel Harwood presenter Ryan Clark-Neil joined, Ranveer Singh was the talk of the town tonight. The Strictly dance The judge was still asked about his favorite performances from the series and he spoke about Ranveer and Giovanni Parnis’s steamy Argentine tango and how he talked to Good Morning Britain presenter Backstage about his dance routine.

“What routine has this series actually become for you?” Rilan asked.

Craig replied: “Well, this is one of my favorite dances, the Argentine tango.

“And I haven’t seen anyone like Ranveer act the way he does – the footman.

The judge added, “I can’t believe how clean, tidy, how accurate his move was, we never did.”

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“And I always pay people for not getting footwork – because it’s impossible.

“It’s not all dance instructors dance because it’s a very difficult dance and it’s not part of their curriculum.

“He did all the passes nicely, his legs were very nice and it was time to go together and his weight changes were great.

“And I did – after the ceremony – [I] He praised her for it, because it made me fly, ”Craig added.

“Among the rest, do you think you’re fighting a bit but you know we can get more,” he investigated.

“I probably think Clara [Amfo]The judge revealed. “It simply came to our notice then.

“Some people are great at all dances, some people are great at some of them. Everyone will have a dance that goes according to them. “

He added: “Her Charleston was exceptional, I thought the choreography was absolutely amazing, she danced it so well, it fits her body type, it suits her sensitively.

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