Argentine submarine: Macri’s trial for espionage cut short

Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri appeared briefly on Thursday before a judge who wants to hear him on charges of spying by the secret services of the families of the victims of the “San Juan”, a submarine that killed 44 people in 2017 when it sank Had gone.

The former president (2015-2019), and leader of the centre-right opposition, appeared before a magistrate in Dolores, 200 km from Buenos Aires. But the hearing was adjourned after about an hour, with his lawyer, Me Pablo Lanuse, explaining that the court “does not have the authority to remove confidentiality on information so that Mr. Macri can testify”.

No possible new hearing date was communicated, but according to the lawyer, “the judge’s animosity and ambition to prosecute Mr.

Upon his arrival late in the morning, Mr Macri addressed more than a hundred supporters, accusing those in power of “using a tragedy to damage” in the middle of the election campaign, denouncing a process with political overtones. .

Mr Macri, 62, was called in as part of a preliminary investigation led by Judge Martin Bawa, for which the head of state had “full knowledge” of surveillance conducted by intelligence services on the families of the crew at the time.

San Juan disappeared in November 2017 in the South Atlantic, 400 km off the coast of Patagonia. A year later, located at a depth of 900 meters, against the wishes of the families, it could never be flown again. According to the Navy, the submarine, which was in operation since 1983, had exploded due to a technical fault.

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The families had launched an intense campaign to find out the fate of the submarine at that time. They claimed they were the subject of spinning, wiretapping, intimidation. Under this investigation, legal action has been initiated against two former intelligence chiefs.

“We hope that Macri (…) will tell us the truth about the reasons we were illegally spying,” Luis Taglipietra, the father of the missing submarine and plaintiff’s lawyer, told AFP. Espionage “more than proven”, according to him.

Mr Macri, who unsuccessfully tried to challenge Judge Bawa, fiercely denied having “ever spied on or asked to spy on families”, saying that his fears of “bias”. “We are calm. We know what we have done, and we have good intentions,” he reiterated on Thursday.

Since his convocation in early October, he has said he has been the victim of political “oppression”, against the backdrop of a campaign for partial legislative elections, less than a month after President Alberto Fern├índez’s ( center-left) threatens their majority in the Senate in the midterm for this sees the government.

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