Are you willing to pay for a better performing web browser?

Young American Shoot Mighty is trying a bold wager, charging monthly subscriptions for Internet browsers hosted in the cloud that promise much higher performance than Chrome, Firefox and others.

Mighty comes as one on paper Sailor Especially innovative, because it is fully managed cloud. Really it’s not yours Computer Which supports the constraints related to your online activity, but a Server Away from home. In theory, there is no problem Rama Or overheating, even if the number of tabs is open. Even the autonomy of your machine must be affected.

Mighty, so that is the one to promise Web browser Reagent And not necessarily a state-of-the-art computer. Last but not least: Since your browser is in the cloud, it is in principle never “closed” and therefore your data is accessible from any connected terminal at any time.

A demonstration of the powerful navigator. © Mighty

Hosted on a powerful server

All this is possible for a highly robust upstream installation with machines powered by 16-core processors coupled with 16GB of RAM, all connected by connections Internet De 1 000 Mbit / s.

The service still does not have a cost, and not least, as the membership will be $ 30 per month according to the site. The ledge. Awaiting its official launch, the project can be explored in more detail on the powerful website:

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