Are you talking to yourself? No worries. It is a sign of intelligence and according to science these are the 8 qualities

If you find yourself talking, don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a sign of insanity. You can also be smarter than others. Many studies show that talking to oneself is a sign of intelligence.

Do you get carried away for schizophrenic at work when you mumble some instructions, chew on what you’re reading? Leave the ridicule and ridicule behind and wrap yourself up in the satisfaction brought by science on the benefits of “self-talk.”

According to a study, talking to yourself is a sign of wisdom

The study was carried out by scientists from Bangor University, UK. that us This proves that people who speak alone are generally more intelligent than others.

Study co-author Dr Paloma Mari-Befa explains:

“The stereotype of the mad scientist who talks to himself, lost in his inner world, may reflect the reality of a genius who uses all the means at his disposal to increase his brain power”

Other studies have shown that people who talk to themselves have a higher IQ than a larger proportion of the population.

Another study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychologyadds that Talking to yourself is a sign of good mental health.

8 qualities of talking to yourself

Talking to yourself has been studied by many studies. We have compiled below the main properties revealed by scientists for you.

  • will make it easier to talk to yourself To focus on one subject.
  • talk to yourself Strengthen our memory.
  • talk to yourselfimproves control of a task, Why manipulation? For example, listening instructions have been proven to provide better control over behavior than reading them.
  • will talk to myself to clarify your thoughts By defining what is or is not important to you. it’s as simple as this to set goals.
  • talk to yourself lead to better self-knowledgeHis feelings and his abilities.
  • As a result, talking to yourself will be stronger. We have our own opinion.
  • talk to yourself Increase creativity.
  • talk to yourself will reduce anxiety.
  • talk to yourselfwill give strength and courage, A trick that many athletes use elsewhere.

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