Arab support needed for Netanyahu

Netanyahu preaches among the Arab population.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be able to form the government. According to preliminary results of 97% of the regular polling stations reported by the Central Election Committee, this result mandates the Arab-Islamist party RAM to support the Prime Minister, underlining The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu’s block, composed of Likud, Shes, Unified Torah Judaism and Religious Party, won 59 seats with Yamina. It lacks two for the majority.

Rayam leader Mansoor Abbas has worked with Netanyahu in the past and Likud supporters are already working in the media to legitimize the alliance with Arab support.

According to preliminary results, Netanyahu’s Likud won 30 seats, Yash Attid 18, Shas 9, Blue and White 8, United Torah Jews, Yamina and Labor 7, New Hope, Yisrael Byentu, Religious Zionist Party 6 and Meritz 5. First. Hinted at. The Rayam (United Arab List) party fell below the electoral threshold of 3.25%, with the following results recognizing it with five seats. For the Common List, it received six.

During his campaign, Benjamin Netanyahu did everything to placate Arab voters.

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