Arab Leipzig 3-2 Manchester United: The men of Ole Gunnar Solskazer are knocked out of the Champions League after losing to Germany. Football News

Manchester United were knocked out of the Champions League after a 3-2 defeat to Arab Leipzig on a night of frustration with Ole Gunnar’s Salisbury.

United, who knew they needed just one point to qualify for the group stage, trailed Manchester City full-backs Angelino (2), Amadou Haidara (13) and Justin Cluvert (69), trailing in-0 by Germany.

However, Bruno Fernandez’s ten-minute penalty splintered United’s life and Paul Pogba, the subject of some controversial comments from his average agent, played a big role in United’s 3-2 return as his header dropped Harry. Maguire (82) and the net.

It left United with eight minutes to equalize, but a few moments later, Julian Nagelsman was sent to the Europa League by Solskir.

The draw for the last-32 of the Europa League will be held on Monday 14 December from midnight.

Player rating

Arabic Leipzig: Gulaski (), Mukile (), Urban (7), Connett (), Angelino (8), Haidara (7), Sabitzar (8), Campbell (7), Olmo (6), Nankunku (6), Forsberg ())

Sub Used: Pulson (), Kluivert (), Adams ()

Man Ud: De Zia (4), Lindolf (5), Maguire (), Shaw (4), One-Bisca (5), Matic (5), McTomney (), Fernandez (), Tales (4), Greenwood ( 6), Rashford (5)

Sub Used: Pogba (), Van de Beck (), Williams (), Tuanzebi (), Fasu-Mensah ()

Man of the Match: Angelino

How it was blocked for all United …

It started with United’s back five when Luke Shock was drafted as the third center-half and defending Scott McTomney and Nemanja Matic’s defense it was thought that United would be tough to break them for one point.

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Team news

  • Ole Gunnar’s Solskazar made five changes to the United squad from behind, losing to West Ham on the weekend. David de Gea returned with a goal, when Luke Shaw made his first appearance after a 3-1 win over Everton last month. Bruno Fernandez, Marcus Rashford and Nemanja Matic were also back. Paul Pogba was named to the bench.

It wasn’t because they found it easy to play through the Leipzig line and get their key players to work in space.

Angelino, who was allowed to leave on a loan from Manchester City, started a dream by breaking into the house of Nagelsman’s men in two minutes. Aaron One-Bisca allowed him too much room for the United midfielders not to give him a chance to serve in their roaming wing-back.

Haidara soon added a second – and it was again completely defensible from a United standpoint. Angelino clipped a ball from the left and somehow defeated United in the back post with their defensive responsibilities leaving Shaw and Alex Telis completely out of sync. The Haidaras took full advantage of the place and set fire to the house next to the helpless David de Gea.

United could have easily backed off after Angelino’s another slanted ball annoyed the visitors, just to miss the goal from the unmarked Emil Forsberg.

The ball was in the net minutes later when Will Urban returned home after Ibrahima returned from Connaught’s header post. However, the video assistant referee ruled that Urban had strayed offside and was released from United.

Harry Maguire watched his team concede three goals

As United returned to the four-man defense, Donny Van de Beck took on the role of Teles and reshuffled after the break. This provoked a reaction, but Fernandes hit Peter Gulaksi for less than 5 minutes on the clock because he hit from a short drive from a distance.

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As the pace continued to pick up in the United ranks, the Portuguese midfielder hit the bar a few minutes later when the sunken free-kick hit the bar from 20 yards out.

But, their bubble burst a minute later and United were further behind.

Maguire’s Christopher Nankunku was allowed to cross the danger zone and Clevert was quick to clip the ball over De Gea, who did not cover himself with glory.

A 3-0 lead put United in fifth gear – and Mason Greenwood started a possible comeback by winning a penalty after Connaught Barge. Fernandes increased the spot-kick and United quickly narrowed the deficit further, with Pogba jumping the maximum to meet at a corner in the highest post and getting a header by going outside Maguire and Connett.

McTomino and Marcus Rashford tried to equalize, but the final task of the game was to prevent Nordi Mukil of the galaxy from scoring his own goal as Leipzig United’s progress progressed.

‘Ole made a terrible mistake’


Paul Marson said Ole Gunnar Solskazar had “made a fatal mistake” as Manchester United lost 3-2 to Arab Leipzig and were knocked out of the Champions League.

Sky Sports’ Soul Special Paul Merson:

“It’s Manchester United. They need to be in the Champions League on Thursday night, not football.

“Those results didn’t look good for Salisbury tonight.

“If Leipzig had won 3-0 and you could have said, ‘Leipzig is a better team, they played better.’ But when he changed it, it came back to 3-2 and could easily have stayed at 3-3.It just shows you that he got it badly, fatally wrong at the start of the game.

“Southampton and West Ham have no disrespect, sometimes you can start a goal for them, but you can’t let these teams score two or three goals in Europe. You’re going to get caught and they got caught in the big game they’re more close to West Ham. Could have lost better because there are so many games left in the Premier League it’s gone now.

“I think the biggest team in the world is out of the Champions League.”

Man of the Match: Angelino

His influence in the opening 20 minutes of the match set the tone for Leipzig’s victory. One-Bisca decided to give him a lot more than half a yard and punished him with the sweetest strike to open the scoring. His attacking style pushed United back and it was his pin-point cross that led to the second goal. Angelino has six goals (three goals, three assists) in six Champions League matches this season. It is surprising to think that Pep Guardiola allowed him to get out of the loan, especially Benjamin Mendy’s inconsistent nature and Alexander Jinchenko was not normal in that position. In this show, he left Manchester City’s best offensive full-back.

What the manager said

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskier: “You can’t say we were good enough, we weren’t.

“We started really well in this group and the big defeat was in Istanbul. You look back and think we lost where we had points.

“You can’t give a team a 3-0 lead and expect to come back. We were unlucky towards the end. I thought the effort and the character was there.

“We knew we had to defend the cross, we knew we had to defend the ball in the box and we couldn’t clear them. As a footballer you can’t feel sorry for yourself.”

Opt’s statistics – Ole’s misfortune

  • For the first time since April 2003, Man Utd have conceded 3+ goals in a drawn Champions League game.
  • 2015-1 under Man Utd Louis van Gaal. For the first time in years, the Champions League campaign came out in the group stage.
  • Soulskazar has lost six of his 10 UEFA Champions League matches as a director (W4); The first manager will lose six or more times in their first 10 games in the competition while the English side are in charge.
  • Since making his debut for Man Utd in February, no player in Europe’s top five leagues has won more penalties in all competitions than Bruno Fernandez (13-tier with Cristiano Ronaldo).
  • In the 1999 Champions League match between Juventus (11 minutes) and Man Utd, Leipzig (13 minutes) lost 2-2.

What next?

Saturday 12 December at 5:00 pm

Kicked from 5:30 in the afternoon

United have a derby day to visit Manchester City Old Trafford on Saturday Sky Sports.

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