Arab League summit in Algeria officially postponed

The Arab League has officially postponed its next summit to be held in Algeria on 31 January. The announcement was made by Deputy Secretary-General Hussam Zaki, who clarified during a press conference he attended during his visit to Algeria. The latter led an official delegation to follow up on the preparations for the holding of the next summit.

According to the official, the summit will take place only after the month of Ramzan, which coincides with the month of April. “We are in the process of coordinating with the Algerian authorities to agree on a suitable date for all member states”, he indicated, indicating that the league is trying to ensure the presence of the largest possible number of Arab heads of state. Is. State.

Indeed, after this postponement, the official date for the holding of the next summit must be decided during the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab states to be held in the Egyptian capital Cairo in March 2022.

Pandemic constraints also complicate the holding of the summit, with the Arab official explaining that Algerian officials insist on holding it in a face-to-face mode and refuse the virtual option.

The summit takes place in a difficult regional context, marked by the breakdown of diplomatic ties between Morocco and Algeria, which has been unilaterally recalled by the Algerian regime. Hausam Zaki expressed the desire of the Arab League to restore “Arab solidarity”. A way of attempting to mediate between Rabat and Algiers. All attempts at mediation by several countries have been rejected by the Algerian regime.

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