Arab League: MFA advocates a general situation that breaks with foreign intervention

Arab Foreign Ministers said after their emergency meeting in Cairo on Monday that development in the region needed an inclusive state that, without foreign intervention, should strengthen the national security of Arab countries in the service of their common interests.

In a recommendation which approved the work of the meeting, he emphasized the need to strengthen normal Arab action on a visionary basis with development, with the aim of serving the interests of the Arab people in a changing and challenging world. Palestinian cause on their head, with full attachment to the principles, issues and continuing rights of Arab countries’ sovereignty in decision making.

Heads of diplomacy of Arab countries indicated that security in the region is an integral part of each country’s national security, which “mandates Arab countries to confront the threats they face. For international and regional intervention” watch too.” Israel in violation of sovereignty of Arab countries in defense of their common interests ”.

“Under the aegis of the Arab League, member states should constitute a bloc that protects the common interests, capable of preventing the intervention of regional and international powers”, he emphasized.

In this sense, he reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian cause and the commitment to support the legitimate and unqualified rights of the Palestinian people of all Arab countries, particularly the right to self-determination and the creation of a Palestinian state independent. Israel’s call for a favorable response to the Arab peace initiative was expressed, expressing its commitment to a two-state solution to achieve a just and lasting peace in the Middle-East region.

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Arab ministers also urged international parties, including the United Nations and the Quartet, to take concrete steps to initiate credible negotiations that address all issues related to the final solution to end the crisis. Occupied Palestinian territories are under Israeli occupation.

In addition, the State of Palestine is urgently required to honor the commitments made during various Arab summits related to financial aid, highlighting the role of the United Nations Relief and Construction Agency (UNRWA) in providing humanitarian aid and basic services . Palestinian refugees call upon the international community to fulfill their obligations to this body.

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