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on this apro-science program Thursday, October 7handjob

  • Confidence Meeting at Cyber ​​Expert Lab – Do Trust and Digital Science Go Together?

An Apro-Science Presented by Assia Tria (CEA-Leti) and David Haley (AGU/Grenoble-INP/Acisar).

Assia Tria (CEA-Leti) and David Hély (UGA/Grenoble-INP/Esisar) collaborate on IRT Nanoelec’s Digital Trust Program. They talk to chips and software to study their vulnerability and reliability. They envision safety strategies to ensure the safe operation of your smartphone or your brand new connected washing machine. They also study the safety of the devices that allow your grandmother to stay at home despite her delicate health. But their skills are also of interest to companies: what else would a baker sell without a card machine to cash in on chocolate rolls? Can an accountant pay you your salary on time if his excel is hacked? What happens to the factory if electronics slip into the control room?

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