April 2021 Sky Map: Her Majesty the Lion

Main conference In the zodiac, the lion actually looks like a feline iron! Its brightest star is Regulus (α). Located near the elliptical, it is sometimes obscured by the Moon and more rarely by planets. Alziba (γ) is a double star whose orange color contrasts with the slight blueness of Regulus. Denebola (β) marks the western boundary of the planetarium. Our council lives under the Big Dipper, which is made up of shiny, remarkably shaped stars and dominates the southern horizon to a great extent in the first hour of the night, the constellation Leo ‘naked’ unmistakable in the eye, even under an urban sky .

April 2021 sky map

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How to use this card?

Rotate your smartphone or tablet so that the direction you’re looking in is named right side up. The constellations and stars that will be found in the sky in front of you are all those whose names are readable without bowing your head. The position of the planets visible to the naked eye for the 15th month is indicated. Our map, drawn to a latitude of 47 ° north, shows the sky visible in metropolitan France, and within a band extending widely from 40 to 54 ° northern latitudes across Europe and the world. If you are north of the 47th parallel, the pole star will be higher in your sky and lower.

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