appreciation letter. In the United Kingdom, complicated withdrawal of “representatives” from Hong Kong

It is not easy to get back into a country we have long left. It is a testament to the restlessness of British expatriates returning home after years in Hong Kong.

In recent months, many British expatriates have become “representatives”: long settled in Hong Kong, they eventually opted to return to the United Kingdom. For those who had not yet convinced the two years of political unrest following Beijing’s takeover of the territory that it was time to leave, the health crisis and a procession of sanctions, expanded by Hong Kong officials’ “zero Covid” strategy , were the “drop of water” decisive.

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But the return to the country does not always go over very well, as evidenced by the evidence gathered by Daily Telegraph :

For the ‘Repetes’, a growing tribe in Hong Kong, ‘home’ is indeed a new foreign assignment.”

“You feel like coming from another world”

The feeling of a change of scenery can be very disturbing. Lucy Barrett, who lived between Hong Kong and Japan for 24 years before returning to Britain, takes a little “Like Mork, the character of the TV show Mork and Mindy: Martian who landed on Earth :

Often it is the little things that make you feel like you have come from another world. For example, when we first got back we were fined because we walked in a bus lane that we could not identify. “

Some are very surprised and by the tone of political life in Britain after Brexit. in hong

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