Apple won’t have a new 27-inch iMac in the box

As of this week’s keynote, fans of the 27-inch iMac had their backs covered in a very cold sweat: The big all-in-one has virtually disappeared from Apple’s catalog, and there was no sign that that the manufacturer had its replacement boxes. However, a weak expectation remained, knowing that Mark Gurman was still hoping for an iMac Pro.

Apple silicon: where did the 27-inch iMac go?

Unfortunately, according to 9to5Mac For someone who has a lot of good information right now, Apple has no plans to release an iMac larger than the current 24-inch model in the near future. The tip comes from the same source that predated Mac Studio, so there’s every reason to give it some credit.

If Apple is working on a new 24-inch iMac that should be released in 2023, it will only be offered in a single chip version, i.e. M2 – no M2 Pro/Max, and even less M2 Ultra. By then Apple’s plans may still change and a bigger iMac may finally see the light of day, but for now the chances are pretty slim.

One wonders what happened to this mysterious iMac Pro with the mini-LED screen that was to be unveiled this summer? Those who need a bigger screen will probably want to look at the Studio Display and the Mac Studio or Mac Mini combination. This is specifically because Apple may be marketing the Mac Mini M2 Pro, perhaps more affordable than the Mac Studio.

Will work on Apple Mac Mini M2 and M2 Pro

Will work on Apple Mac Mini M2 and M2 Pro

Finally, the MacBook Air of the future will have an M2 chip

Finally, the MacBook Air of the future will have an M2 chip

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Ming-Chi Kuo: Finally, the New Mac Mini Number

Ming-Chi Kuo: After all, the new Mac mini won’t arrive until 2023

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