Apple will completely redesign and develop the high-end MacBook Air

Mark Gurman, bloomberg, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who often makes accurate predictions, and even John Prosser, whose pedigree is less flamboyant but not ridiculous, all the good fairies of Apple leaks agree that the California giant is a Working on new macbook air.

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Not just a redesign of the design, but an overhaul of ultraportable status, made possible by Apple silicon chips. Thus, Apple laptops will position themselves more at the top of the range, and reclaim their historic spot.

A future MacBook Air will ship a direct successor to the M1 with the same number of cores (8 CPUs), clocked at higher speeds. On the graphics side, the new SoC can pack up to 10 cores, which is three more than the current models.
As for connectivity, Apple unfortunately won’t amend its position and retain two USB-C ports—that’s not a lot, and it still leads to daily use constraints for some uses.

An iPad-esque and colorful design?

According to John Prosser, the MacBook Air will adopt a more parallelepiped and thinner design, inspired by the iPad Pro and possibly closer to the new 24-inch iMacs. They’ll also borrow their colors from Apple’s latest all-in, thus ranking them well in the mainstream category. Future ultraportables will also use a white Magic Keyboard, with a row of function keys the same size as the other keys. Thus the entire keyboard will take up more space and reduce the trackpad by the same amount.

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Other rumors suggest that the MacBook Air may use a miniLED panel, which was first introduced last May alongside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apple’s decisions are obviously hard to predict, but we can legitimately say that this novelty may not be present in the MacBook Air until the Pro models also deserve it. A MagSafe connector may also make a comeback, freeing up a USB-C port.

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A new position for a new category?

Thus the new MacBook Air will be above the current MacBook Air – which will be maintained in range? – But still under MacBook Pro. Logical, after all. But will a rethink of the MacBook Air status, possible thanks to Apple silicon chips, be possible with the introduction of a less thinner, less powerful and less expensive MacBook at the entry level?

With better control over performance and autonomy gains, control over the thermal envelope of its chips and therefore potential designs, Apple may be interested in structuring its laptop range as it has described ‘iPad, with iPad Air’. had done for Except for the iPad mini, we can have entry-level MacBooks powered by a proven chip like the M1, in this case, the MacBook Air, to form a junction point with the high-end consumer, Pro, and apparently the MacBook Pro. Powered by more powerful chips and all the best technologies developed by Apple. This wider range of machines could allow Apple to be more responsive to the needs of certain markets — education in particular. Even though the Cupertino giant puts a lot of emphasis on its iPads for this sector. But we know that aside, Apple tablets aren’t the perfect replacement for laptops yet, and that the American giant has never been afraid to cannibalize its sales by introducing new products.

According to Mark Gurman and John Prosser, the new MacBook Air could be introduced in the second half of the year at the earliest, or in 2022.

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Source: MacRumors

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