Apple TV+ orders City on Fire, a drama series

Apple TV+ announces ordering city ​​on fire, a new drama series based on the eponymous book by Garth Riske Holberg. There will be eight episodes in total. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will take care of the script. They worked together notably in the series gossip Girl.

In city ​​on fireOn July 4, 2003, a New York University student was shot and killed in Central Park. Samantha Cicciaro is single, with no witnesses and little physical evidence. Her group of friends plays at her favorite downtown club, but she goes to visit someone, promising to return. She never comes back. As Samantha’s crime is investigated, it is revealed that she is the key link between a series of mysterious fires in the city, the city’s music scene and a wealthy family of real estate agents in beautiful neighborhoods, which unravel under pressure. Has been holds many secrets.

There is currently no casting information for city ​​on fire on Apple TV+. There is also no technical information such as the length of each episode, or the release date. We can imagine that it will be for 2022, knowing that Apple has already announced several events (especially the series) for the second half of 2021 and there are also several trailers. here, city ​​on fire Just an advertisement and description is right.

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