Apple TV+ . On The Good And The Bad For The First Broadcast Of Baseball On Friday Night

Apple TV+ aired its first big league baseball games live this Friday. A first for a streaming service that forayed into a whole new territory for it, it certainly promised to enrich itself with competitions from other sports in the long term.

DRM bound, impossible to take screenshots during broadcast…

These live games were also an opportunity to see how Apple was going to manage this new feature on its airwaves, and baseball fans were not disappointed… for good or for bad. Video stream quality was praised: it wasn’t 4K, but 1080p at 60 fps, with a bitrate of 8 mbps, one Reddit user noted.

Another satisfaction: a cool outfit that reflects with the usual Christmas tree broadcast on other channels. Banners and figures were discreet, with many also applauding the absence of sponsors, whose logos invade the space on the screen. Apple TV+ also displays the approximate area where the ball will land, as well as the pitcher’s probability percentage.

The San Francisco font, widely used by Apple in its operating system, software, and even its marketing, was also honored in information panels and banners during the game.

However, all was not well during these retransmissions. video stream was cut Where? Disturbed in many audiences. and the commentators have didn’t go to the party among aficionados whom he did not criticize don’t know much talking about unrelated things like baseball, your pet, or apple products (as long as you preach), or even to show off really very enthusiastic In the shortest stage of the game.

Another surprise is that the broadcast was sponsored by a sports betting site (BetMGM), which was very visible during the pre-match broadcasts. And there were commercial breaks showing no spots in countries where it was not planned (such as in Canada). One would have thought that Apple would have taken the opportunity to promote its Apple TV+ programs, a missed opportunity.

In short, this was no home race (Home Run) this first Apple TV+ for Friday Night Baseball, but it’s time to improve the platform: it will broadcast matches until June 24. Matches to watch for free without a subscription for a limited time, although only eight countries are entitled to it: the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

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