Apple Store: Labor movement spread in Britain

For the past few weeks, a wave of union has been sweeping through American Apple Stores, a powerful wave now reaching the shores of the United Kingdom. Glasgow Times newspaper reports that Apple Store employees in Glasgow have joined the GMB union. Employees justify this union movement with low wages, lack of pay transparency and unfair working hours.

One of the Apple Store employees (under anonymity) explained the reasons for the anger: “In the UK, Apple has forums for employees, but these consistently prove ineffective and feedback is ignored. It is a one-sided conversation. We need our own representatives and a suitable voice to turn things around. People are facing inflation crisis. We need wage hike, payment transparency and voice.”,

As for the GMB union, it accuses Apple of doing a double thing on the social issue: “Apple speaks the language of social justice, but in practice it is the same story of low pay, unfair work organization and disrespect. These workers feel they need a free voice and that can only come through unionisation. . » GMB further claims that the union push has now expanded to other Apple Stores in the UK, without providing further details. Apple has yet to comment on this other frontier of union ambitions…

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