Apple specifies which older apps will be removed from the App Store

A few days ago, Apple informed developers that apps that haven’t seen the update for a while will soon be removed from the App Store.

App makers didn’t wait long before expressing their dissatisfaction with regards to the measure, especially on social networks.

It is true that Apple’s communication on the subject was not the most efficient, lacking accuracy regarding the terms of the application.

Apple clarifies terms of removal from App Store

So the California firm recently clarified the matter. In its latest press publication, we learn the following points:

  • Target apps are those that haven’t been updated for 3 years or more
  • There is one exception to this rule: if the app is 3 years old or older, but it has experienced a sufficient number of downloadsso it won’t be removed
  • However, Apple did not specify what this number of download limits is.
  • California firm will alert developers of applications found to be too old
  • With this alert, developers will have 90 days To give your app a new update (the period was 30 days when Apple first announced it)
  • When an old app is removed from the App Store, users who installed it on their iOS device before it was removed can still use it

Remember, the Cupertino company’s idea with this new process is to make the App Store safer but also more relevant to users. Safe, because developers, in order to update their apps, must meet the App Store’s criteria in terms of security. More relevant, as the App Store only offers apps that are regularly maintained by their developers.

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What do you think about this remedy? Are you afraid of some of your applications, which are a bit outdated, but still useful? – official app

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