Apple says motorcycles and scooters don’t mix

Apple has quietly added a new section to its support pages, where you can find warnings about engine vibrations in motorcycles and scooters.

Source: Razwan Mirel on Unsplash

Source: Razwan Mirel on Unsplash

If you hook your iPhone to your motorbike engine, don’t do this. Apple has posted some support notes that warn iPhone users that motorcycle-borne vibrations can damage the iPhone camera sensor.

vibrations that damage cameras

If you’re looking for a culprit… it’s neither your iPhone camera’s fault nor your motorcycle’s. Your iPhone cameras are designed, starting with the iPhone 7, with camera sensors that support optical image stabilization (OIS) as well as closed loop autofocus (AF). How these technologies work is to compensate, by moving the camera lens in the opposite direction of your movement.

However, on motorcycle engines, these vibrations can be intense. According to Apple, “Prolonged direct exposure to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges can degrade the performance of your iPhone and result in reduced image quality for photos and videos. It is recommended that you Protect your iPhone from prolonged exposure to vibrations of great amplitude”.

We are obviously talking not only about motorcycles, but also mopeds and electric scooters. Since Android smartphones also use similar technologies, Apple’s prevention tips certainly need to be implemented more widely.

In short, you know what you have to do.

As a reminder, Apple is holding its conference california is dreaming Where the future iPhone 13 will be announced. To follow an event on Franroid this Tuesday.

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