Apple privileges Zoom with a private API for its iPad app

Zoom has been using a private API for its iPad application for a few months, provided by Apple. This API allows the video conferencing service to use the iPad camera while the application is being used in split view mode.

A special API for Zoom provided by Apple

It was developer Jeremy Provost who discovered this preferential treatment to zoom in on Apple about this API. It is called and no developer can use it. The reason is simple: Apple has not presented it publicly and there is no documentation. But Zoom was entitled to the privilege.

This revelation does not necessarily come at the best time for Apple. The manufacturer is in the midst of a lawsuit by Epic Games, which accuses it of having anti-competitive practices with the app store. Tim Cook (and Apple generally) has already made sure that all developers are treated the same all over the world. This story with Zoom proves that this is not completely true, as no one else has access to the app.

Recent revelations have revealed that other applications are also favorites. This is particularly the case with Hulu, a video service in the United States. The application was entitled to an API to automatically unsubscribe, while it was not accessible to other applications in the App Store. This kind of story is more positive for Epic Games as Apple has given an ongoing trial. It started on 3 May and will start again tomorrow.

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