Apple no longer signs iOS 15.0.1 on its servers

After the release of iOS 15.0.2 on October 11, Apple stopped signing the iOS 15.0.1 firmware from its servers, the first available version that was released to the public on October 1. Since iOS 15.0.1 is no longer signed, it is not possible to roll back or downgrade to this version if you have previously updated to iOS 15.0.2 or iPadOS 15.0.2.

Apple no longer supports iOS 15.0.1

Apple stopped signing iOS 15 last week, which means iOS 15.0.2 is the only publicly available version of iOS, and those who upgraded to iOS 15 can no longer downgrade to iOS 14. Huh. Ditto for iPadOS 14.

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Apple regularly stops signing older software versions after new versions are released to encourage customers to keep their operating systems up to date.
iOS 15.0.1 fixed iPhone 13 bugs such as battery life and Apple Watch unlocking.

A few days ago, iOS 15.0.2 15.0.2 fixed several critical bugs for CarPlay, MagSafe or even AirTags, not to mention blocking flaws. And the next step is to release iOS 15.1 which offers new features like SharePlay and ProRes currently in beta.
For the rest, blocking the signing of iOS 15 doesn’t change anything for jailbreak as no tool has been released for this version yet. But the first demonstration showed a jailbroken iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.

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