Apple Music will add timer to Android

Since Tim Cook is in charge, Apple has a completely different vision when it comes to developing applications on competing OSes. In the case of Apple Music, the Cupertino company offers its streaming service on Android and even offers integrated features that are not on iOS!

Timer on Apple Music via Android

Good news for Apple Music users on Android, the app will soon be available in a . will be enriched by built-in timer Which will allow you to interrupt the currently playing music. This feature can be very useful for those who enjoy listening to music fall asleep evening.
The novelty was recently noticed by beta testers who were able to install beta 3.10 Available from the beginning of the week.

Does not offer manual configuration of the time before the timer stops, but is already predetermined periodYou can set a time of 15, 30, 45 or 1 hour. It is impossible to exceed or exceed the durations described above, however you can also ask that the reading be interrupted at the end of the current music or as soon as the playlist ends!

apple music timer on android

The system that lands on Apple Music is more efficient than the system we have on iOS, because remember, we’re bound to leave Music app Go to Clock app then “Timer” and “Ringer” to turn off music on iPhone automatically.
Unlike Android users, we can define ourselves the exact time to stop playback of the current title, but we don’t have the possibility to stop after the music ends or after the playlist has been played completely. In fact, this is not possible, because watches and music applications This link is not there yet which identifies the end of a playlist.

According to 9to5google, this innovation is only the beginning of something that will be even more advanced. In the code of this beta, we can see that Apple will soon launch the possibility to pause playback (via timer) on the Apple Music application (Android). end of a show on the radio or end of episode Working. This is clearly related to Apple Music Radio. Don’t expect support for competing radios that are available on Apple Music as it will be based on a real-time radio program (what Apple provides to its in-house radio).

How to set timer on Apple Music app on Android?

When your reading is in progress, you just need to press three small overlapping points at the bottom right of your screen. It’s a place for additional options where you can add this music to your playlist, share music… at the bottom of the list is ” sleep time With Moon, let me tell you, this feature can come in handy late at night!
All you have to do is press it and then choose the length of time before playback stops completely.

Will this new feature come in the Music app in iOS? At the moment, there is no sign in this direction, it is even more surprising that Android users have new features in front of Apple customers!

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