Apple lifts the curtain on Studio Buds

The new Beats headphones retail for €149.95 and are already available for pre-order.

That’s it, after several weeks of flying, Beats has finally decided to take the wraps off its new headphones. A new model that marks a turning point for a company specializing in audio accessories as it is the first “Buds” model, compact in-ear headphones.

The Studio Buds are the first headphones from the brand to be truly wireless. Until now, Beats headphones were either connected to each other with cables, or they were wrapped around the ears.

These new true wireless headphones are similar to the AirPods Pro as they have many of the same features, including active noise reduction and transparency modes. However, unlike Apple’s AirPods Pro, the Studio Buds don’t include a Touch Stick. Everything is done through a single button on the earpiece. They are compatible with Siri and their behavior can be personalized through iOS settings.

With a declared autonomy of 8 hours, the battery of the new Beats headphones can last up to 24 hours, thanks to the charging box that can offer up to 2 charges. Note that the battery life of the headphones drops to 5 hours if the Active Noise Reduction and Transparency features are activated. Also note that the box is recharged by USB-C and not by induction.

On the sound side, the Studio Buds are compatible with playback of spatial audio in Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos.

Available in black, white and red, the Studio Buds will be released this summer without further details. Priced at €149.95, Beats’ wireless headphones are available for pre-order.

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