Apple iOS 15.4: Release Candidate Available to Developers

Apple iOS 15.4: Release Candidate Available to Developers

In the process of developing software (or an operating system), there are several steps:

  • Alpha : This is the very beginning, it lays the foundation for what the software will be.
  • Beta : A phase during which developers will test the software to fix the most critical bugs. The “beta” is becoming more and more known to the general public, as many games come into open beta to be tested by more and more users. This phase can be relatively long.
  • release candidate : A sort of final beta, almost identical to the version to be released. The purpose of RC is to ensure that no bugs interfere with the release.

Following the event hosted by Apple, the Apple brand decided to deploy its iOS 15.4 RC update to developers (but also to other beta testers). To do this, all they have to do is go to the Update by OTA menu in Settings.

Remember that iOS 15.4 will add (non-exhaustive list):

  • A non-binary voice for Siri (in the US)
  • Mask support for Face ID
  • iPadOS 15.4 . universal control for
  • Some Changes for Rescue Calls and Apple Podcast
  • 30 new emoji

iOS 15.4 is set for release next week along with tvOS 15.4, watchOS 8.5 and macOS 12.3.

Source: 9to5mac

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