Apple iMac with silicon chip can offer more than 27 inches screen

The Apple iMac is a very complete machine, capable of many things. And the arrival of Apple silicon chips still promises a bright future. With a big screen?

Apple has enjoyed great success for many years with its line of office machines IMac. With the advent of the first home-made Apple silicon chips, the field of possibilities seems to be even wider. And this may make it possible to imagine a machine with a large screen in particular. Explanation

Soon an iMac larger than 27 inches?

The largest computer in terms of screen size today is the 27-inch iMac. Not to mention, of course, the 32-inch Pro Display XDR screen that can be attached to a Mac Mini or Mac Pro. That being said, this could change in the near future, according to a tweet from the famous leakster @lovetodream. According to him, the Cupertino company may launch an even larger model.

32 inches? more?

As you may already know, Apple is currently working on the design of new iMacs with Apple silicon chips. Rumors also claimed that the Cupertino company would take the opportunity to introduce a completely new design, which would be very welcome given that iMac has been using the same design for many years. If recent leaks prove that, Apple may replace the 27-inch model with an even larger panel. But no one knows what size it is yet.

We would not be surprised to learn that this model can integrate similar displays the size of a Pro Display XDR. In the past, Apple has made screens that match the size of the iMac (and design), so re-imagining this to happen is not unimaginable. Among other rumors about this new iMac, it is rumored that Apple may introduce several colorways. Meanwhile, the 21.5-inch model can be discontinued in favor of the 24-inch model.

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Anyway, Apple hopes to host an event by the end of the month, with new products to be announced. The Cupertino company has not yet sent invitations, we will keep you informed as soon as we get more information.

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