Apple gets a stay on the lawsuit against Epic Games

Posted on 8 Dec 2019 2021 22:57

Apple managed to find time in its lawsuit against Epic Games. While justice has imposed on them to leave publishers more liberties, the tech giant has obtained a suspension of this injunction. A federal court of appeals on Wednesday accepted the request by the Tim Cook-led group, which appealed the September 10 decision.

The suspension marks the brand’s victory in the legal battle against the publisher of Fortnite. Their feud is related to the commission that the California giant charges on revenue from applications on its App Store. This can be up to 30% of an online purchase or subscription.

Minimum one year suspension

The arbitrator of the lawsuit, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers, held that Apple does not have the right to impose its payment system on all application developers. Appealing the decision, Apple argued that the judge-ordered changes “would harm customers, developers, and the company itself.”

The Court of Appeal eventually stayed the request by the group, noting that its request raised “serious questions” on the “meritability” of the court. The amendment requested in September has therefore been put on hold until the resolution of Apple’s request, which could take at least a year.

In this trial, the justice system also largely rejected allegations of Monopoly targeting Apple and condemned by Epic, which is good news for the technology giant accused of all-round violations of competition law.

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