Apple explains the brutal spring cleaning of the App Store

A month before the opening of WWDC, Apple wants to avoid a new dispute with developers. Spring cleaning, which has been in the news in recent days, may have given the builder the wrong role, which is why the latter wanted to communicate with its dev community through an “explanation”.

Two apps that Apple hasn’t updated for years: iTunes Movie Trailers and AirPods Utility.

Remember that many developers, especially games, have received an email from Apple asking them to update their applications within 30 days under penalty of withdrawal. This is for the App Store to put “old” apps on the sidelines, until their makers decide to introduce a new version.

App Store: Apple is preparing a bad spring cleaning

App Store: Apple is preparing a bad spring cleaning

However, as several developers explained, some games are “finished items”, they don’t need to be updated constantly. This especially sometimes isn’t a simple compilation in Xcode: system functions can change, programming languages ​​have evolved to involve a lot of maintenance work on their part for minor gains. , or even zero.

At the same time, there are applications from Apple that have not been updated for years without any problems … Apple. This is the case for the Beats Pill+ app, which was last updated in December 2018, Airport Utility (October 2019) or iTunes Movie Trailers (Nov 2017)! In short, inconsistency, injustice and double standards are once again looming large over the App Store’s head.

In this explanatory document, Apple explains that an email is sent to developers when the app hasn’t been updated in the past three years and their download volume doesn’t reach a certain threshold. , Which means the app has not been downloaded at all or very little during the last twelve months “, specifies the manufacturer.

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Apple indicates that developers can appeal this decision (and according to John Gruber, very familiar with Apple’s habits and customs, they have every chance of achieving satisfaction). In addition, Apple extends the time it takes to update the application, lasting from 30 to 90 days. It also recalls that apps removed from the App Store will continue to function normally for users who have already downloaded them.

These sweeps aren’t new: the App Store introduced this kind of cleanup in 2016. Over the past six years, Apple has removed approximately 2.8 million applications through this process.

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