Apple envisions a Mac that will fit inside a simple keyboard

A patent filed by Apple dates back to the 80s, with computers like the Commodore 64 or Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In fact, the manufacturer may offer a Mac that… has only one keyboard.

The devices described herein may incorporate or place one or more computing components within an input device to provide a portable desktop computing experience at any location with one or more monitors.

It therefore aimed to integrate processor, memory and storage into the keyboard, which is quite possible with current components, most notably the SoC M1 from Apple Silicon. The latter does not require active ventilation, which made it possible to integrate it into an iPad Pro tablet.

The machine will have a single connector that will be used for power and connection to an external monitor. It will use a wireless link to other input devices, such as a mouse or touchpad.

Apple is exploring various concepts in this patent, including a vent to facilitate air circulation in the case. The manufacturer is also thinking of a keyboard capable of folding in half for the convenience of transportation.

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Please note that a patent does not mean that such a product is in development. We don’t know if a machine like this will ever be marketed. There’s still a bright future ahead of the Mac Mini!

Source : US Patent

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