Appealing for peace, Hassan Kahreman apologizes and reports

Abandoned There’s a game that will have marked the news of 2021, notwithstanding, when we know almost nothing about the title. the subject of much controversy, the game of Blue Box Games Studio Made one last mention of him this year to give some news, while Hassan Kahrmani Asks the team in charge of the project to calm down a bit in case of harassment affecting them.

Prelude to the start of 2022?

In the first blog post posted on the game’s official website, Blue Box Games Studios takes a quick look at this year and the project’s disclosure, while specifying what will happen next.

The studio admitted that it announced the game too early and failed to meet the deadline. It’s with these flaws in mind that the studio now wants to better control its communications, and inevitably, this means keeping a slightly lower profile.

The year 2022 will begin with a tech demo that will be made public through the game application., and which will show how DualSense is managed. We are also warned that Preamble can be issued during the first quarter of the year,

Calm and call for an end to principles

Beyond the news, Hassan Kahrman once again apologized on Twitter, while asking internet users to calm their hankerings:

, People really need to calm down… Poisoning creates a lot of pressure and stress. I understand you got pissed, but we’re working really, really hard to come up with something you can enjoy. And it takes time. Sorry, had to say… […] If you’re feeling torn or anything, I’m deeply, deeply sorry for that. That was not my intention and I was not trying to do anything like that. I ask everyone to just relax, keep calm and just wait. The game is coming, I promise, but be patient. ,

He also responds to criticism of the assets used by the teaser released in April, justifying that the game was made entirely by the studio, and that the video was not representative of the final product.

He also recalls that expectations for the title should have dropped a notch, noting that some still think it all hides one big studio, like Kojima (no, really, we have to stop believing there). :

, and yes, Blue Box and I are free and you shouldn’t expect AAA. review your expectations, Yes, we like to do things our way, and yes, we didn’t do it well but we are working on it. ,

And for those who are fanatical that Sony is pulling the strings, no. Hassan Kahrman recalls in a tweet that to the surprise of someone Sony had nothing to do with the project:

, Soni also extends its support to independent candidates. they have nothing to do with the applicationThis is our fault and we want to fix it. And it takes time. ,

In short, let’s hope 2022 calms the conspiracy theories a bit and the team finds some sort of peace to continue developing the game, after so many communication errors.

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