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Spotify Beta Update Causes App Crash, Frustrating Users During New Year’s Celebrations

In a frustrating turn of events for Spotify users, the latest beta update for the app on Android is causing crashes, leaving music lovers unable to properly enjoy their New Year’s celebrations. The issue began on December 30 and has persisted, leaving users seeking solutions.

Numerous users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration and report that common troubleshooting steps, such as clearing the cache, re-logging, and reinstalling the app, have not resolved the issue. It appears that the problem is specific to the most recent beta version, labeled as

For those eager to regain their Spotify functionality, some users have suggested sideloading an older version of the app as a possible workaround. However, this method may not be suitable for all users, and caution should be exercised when attempting it.

Another option is to leave the Spotify beta program altogether. By uninstalling the app and reinstalling the stable, non-beta version, users may be able to avoid the crash issue. However, it is important to note that this method will result in the deletion of any downloaded offline content, potentially inconveniencing those who have meticulously curated their music libraries.

Unfortunately, the timing of this issue could not be worse, as New Year’s celebrations are in full swing. Spotify users who rely on the app for their festive playlists and party anthems have been left disappointed and frustrated by the crashes.

While Spotify has yet to release an official statement regarding the issue, it is hoped that the company will address the problem swiftly and provide a solution for its loyal user base.

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In the meantime, affected users are advised to stay tuned for updates from Spotify and explore alternative music streaming options to ensure their New Year’s celebrations remain full of festive tunes and good vibes.

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