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Apex Legends servers are currently hacked! The famous Electronic Arts battle royale is currently undergoing major disruption as a group of hackers have decided to save Titanfall in order to get people talking about it.

titanfall 1 not playable

A few months ago, players took to Reddit to complain about the lack of support and follow-up from Electronic Arts on the first Titanfall game. People complain about several vulnerabilities that make the game difficult to play and sometimes not even playable.

According to him, Electronic Arts may have decided to release the game on Steam without fixing the long-known problems that angered players.

In an effort to catch EA’s eye, a site called Savetitanfall has been set up, asking EA to fix issues that make the game unplayable on PC while it’s still for sale. is available.

Apex Legends hacked to attract light

Tonight, a group of hackers decided to shed light on a problem that has been going on for months now. By claiming to be completely foreign to the Savetitanfall site, they nonetheless wanted to attract the attention of Electronic Arts and provide feedback on the problems faced by PC players on the game.

It’s quite simple, Apex Legends is no longer playable. It’s not possible to select a game mode and a number of messages appear in the game interface inviting players to visit the Sevetitanfall site where players are asking EA and Respawn to fix Titanfall problems.

Titanfall is a franchise loved by many, and hacking issues have risen. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix the issue for three years, but to no avail. The game is still for sale today, even though it is not fully playable. It’s time to speak out loud.

For its part, Respawn said it was aware of the situation and said it was working on improvements and testing solutions. Hackers seem to have pulled it off because Electronic Arts is counting on Apex Legends to generate more profit than ever during the coming year. In a recent report, EA said it was forecasting a 20% annual increase in revenue at Apex Legends to $750 million in fiscal 2022.

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