AOC forced to break record amidst jabs from rival Caruso-Cabrera

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended his record, including the aid of torpedoing Amazon’s plan to open a large headquarters in Queens during the final debate before Tuesday’s vote, while head Democratic primary rival Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was attacked.

The first term task met with Caruso-Cabrera and Badrun Khan, who challenged face-to-face meetings with the sponsorship of Parkchester Times and BronxNet on Wednesday night. Congressman initially said he would skip the discussion but change his mind.

Democratic socialist AOC and former business journalist Caruso-Cabrera wore face masks and sat at tables opposite each other to comply with social distance rules during the coronavirus pandemic. A Masked Inn sat amongst them in the Golden Palace.

Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest group elected to Congress two years ago after overthrowing Congress and Queens Democratic Party leader Joe Crowley. He gave a cheerful opening speech on why he deserves to be re-elected.

However, Caruso-Cabrera jumped in immediately during the opening speech and stated that AOC first tried to call the third and final debate before agreeing to appear and was actually “embarrassed” by his recording.

“You voted against your community,” said Caruso-Cabrera, saying that AOC is the only Democrat to vote against the Payroll Protection Plan, which includes hospitals and COVID-19 tests.

Instead of being in the 14th congress area of ​​Bronx-Queens, which was later hit by the AOC epidemic of COVID-19, D.C. He crashed because he was staying at his home.

“At the peak of the crisis as our founders died, you didn’t come home even if Congress wasn’t in session,” Caruso-Cabrera shouted.

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“This is wrong!” AOC intervened.

“It was the AOC MIA,” said Caruso-Cabrera.

Caruso-Cabrera also accused Ocasio-Cortez of being a “divider” and “polarized” figure within the Democratic Party.

AOC said that Caruso-Cabrera spent six days when he got sick in D.C. and was “obsessed, obsessed,” with whom he continued to fulfill his components, including collecting $ 850,000 for charity work.

He then turned the table as a tool of President Trump and institutional Republicans and a new image to the region, a former Republican, Caruso-Cabrera.

“Mrs. Caruso-Cabrera lived in Trump Tower up to six months ago,” he said.

“He was a registered Republican for almost his entire life. It is funded by Trump donors and funded by Trump advisers. Be careful. ”

Caruso-Cabrera, who recently moved to Sunnyside on CD 14, said that AOC spent time growing up in Westchester and mocked his life story as a “Bronx tale.”

Noting that AOC criticized Crowley for his family’s residence in D.C. and not spending enough time in the area, Caruso-Cabrera said, “You stayed home while people were dying … It’s pure hypocrisy.”

Caruso-Cabrera raised $ 850,000 at AOC, first enabling the congress girl to oppose Amazon’s plan to open a campus alongside Queens’s coast, which is expected to generate 25,000 jobs and $ 27 billion in revenue.

“$ 850,000 is the lowest amount you can make after spending $ 27 billion in tax revenue. Now imagine if we have this tax income. ” “I never do 25,000 jobs.”

Amazon’s presence will create more indirect jobs for mom and pop stores like dry cleaners and restaurants Caruso-Cabrera.

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However, AOC defended its opposition when asked by moderator Gary Axelbank whether he regretted his role in stealing the Amazon project.

He claimed that Amazon was inflated as a bully, and he refused to negotiate changes with unions who wanted to represent the workers or with Long Island City residents interested in getting prices from their neighborhood.

“Twenty-five thousand jobs… these jobs were not coming,” said the congressman.

AOC made a very fine shot at Gov.Andrew Cuomo, as he negotiated the backroom deal to provide Amazon Andrew with $ 3 billion of “suspicious” taxes and other government subsidies.

“This was a state-level agreement. I was not at the negotiating table. ”

After Ocasio-Cortez opened Amazon’s corporate campus there, D.C. increased by 20-30 percent in the field and Arguing that he was the only Parliamentary Democrat who voted against the payroll protection plan, he claimed the law was too inclined to help large companies in closing immigrants.

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