Antoine-Courier College in Cuxac-Cabardès: a passion for science is great!

Young college students shone in the regional finals of the “C. Genial” and “Fates de la Science” scientific competitions.

This year all the students of classes 6th to 3rd came together in the scientific workshop of Antoine-Courier College. Sixth and fifth graders worked on the project “The Ecology of Leather”. The goal is to create a leather equivalent from the mushrooms used in kombucha drinks, which is a great alternative for animal welfare and the environment. In the end, many items were made, including pencil cases, using the produced leather. The fourth and third worked on the project “Weather and soap bubbles”. An initiative to observe whirlpools on the surface of soap bubbles and their similarity to cyclones on Earth.

Two projects were selected to participate in the regional finals of the scientific competitions “C. Genial” and “Fates de la Science”. The students went to the University of Montpellier to present their work.

on the way to the national final

Throughout the day, they were able to discuss with the audience, but also present their work over the course of 4 visits by a jury composed mainly of researchers. Despite the generosity of the jury, initially quite intimidating students gained confidence as the discussion progressed.

At the end of the afternoon, it was time to head to an amphitheater for the awards ceremony. Despite the good mood and the nature of the festivities, tension was evident before the announcement of the first prize for each competition. The college students queued up with joy when the sixth and fifth graders were honored to be awarded the first prize in the “C. Genial” competition for their “Leather Ecology” project. After this victory, the thrill is not over as they will defend their project during the national final.

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Third and fourth were also not disqualified and several members of the jury and organizers wanted to convey that they appreciated their project.

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