Antiques roadshow expert provides full warning on ‘illegally modified’ item

Antiques Roadshow star Alastair Dickinson had to warn guests on the show not to interfere with any items that had already been ‘changed illegally’.

The 70-year-old silver expert was at Buckfast Abbey when a guest asked the expert to pay the price for the ornate silver plate.

The guest, who paid around £ 800 for the dish, quickly learned that the item had quite an unusual history and was involved in some ‘illegal’ activity.

“You got a spectacular silver-gilt dish here, where did you get it from?” Alastair asked the guest.

“I actually brought it online. I muttered a little bit about silver and things and it’s a thing that came to the fore and I’ve been doing it for four to six months now, ”the guest revealed.

Dickenson then concentrated on a series of signs changing the back of the dish.

This food was subject to ‘illegal change’ in the past

He continued: “If we turn it around, it has got some marks on the back here that got all the crosses through them. Do you know why they got it? ”

“I don’t. I hope you will tell me, “replied the guest.

Although it was suggested as the original mark that the plate was made in 1761, it underwent an “invalid change” which meant that its value was dramatically reduced.

The dish was purchased for 800 800 but could be worth a lot more if not for the modifications

Again the ‘to legalize’ signs were crossed

“It went to the London Ass Office and was placed before the Antique Plate Committee, a judicial body that formally gives opinions on all matters of questionable nature,” Alastair explained.

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“And it was considered an illegal piece of silver, that’s why it was sent.”

“It simply came to our notice then.

“It was probably something like a large meat dish or salver that was transformed into a hubcap cap but it seemed like an illegal change med”

Alastair had to warn the guest not to interfere with the item as it would be ‘criminal activity’

Alistair then explained that the dish was priced between £ 700 and ড 1,000 in the modified state – so the guest could not lose, especially in exchange for too much money.

However, the presenter noted: “If this is true, we will look ten times more than that.”

The guest then had an offer from Alastair, but the presenter quickly shut down his idea of ​​a ‘criminal offense’.

“Can’t we flick these signs?” Dishes owned joke.

“It could be another crime and a criminal offense,” Alastair replied sternly.

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