Anti-Covid restrictions end in England


On Wednesday UK Health Minister Sajid Javid underlined that the end of the obligation to telework, wear masks and health passes to reach some large gatherings is “an important step, but not the finish line” in the fight against Covid-19.

It is an important step that does not mark the end of the fight against Covid, “because we cannot eradicate the virus and its future forms”, Mr Javid indicated during a press conference dedicated to the situation. Epidemiology of the country.

“A pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint”, he said, adding that “the government will present its long-term plan to live with Covid in the spring”. Earlier in Parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of most restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the Omicron variant in England. From Thursday 27 January, wearing masks will no longer be legally mandated, teleworking will no longer be officially recommended and health passes will no longer be applied to entry to nightclubs and some large gatherings, said the leader of the Conservative.

“As Covid becomes endemic, we must replace legal obligations with advice and recommendations”, he explained, noting that his government does not intend to expand the rules that enforce isolation for positive Covid-19 cases. Is. when they expire on March 24.

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