Anti-Chit Vigilant Riot নিয়োগ Eurogamernet recruits

Anti-Chit Vigilant Riot নিয়োগ Eurogamernet recruits

“I’m grateful for a second chance at life.”

This month we have already seen a great example of anti-cheat work in the form of fake fraudulent software for CSGOs, but a vigilante seems to have done so well that he was offered a job by the rioters.

Mohammed al-Sharifi, also known as Gamerdock, is a 24-year-old Iraqi living in London who spent two years catching fraudsters in Overwatch and Valor. As explained in a Vice’s profile, al-Sharifi was able to discover the various methods used by fraudsters in Valerant and find vulnerabilities after providing the necessary information on the riots. He even ran a Discord Channel for the Overwatch Police Department, which was able to reveal players for the winning business in Overwatch. He did so despite receiving death threats and not being paid in full for his work – but at least it looks like that is about to change.

“Finally I can say that I am [have] Al Sharifi said in a Twitter post, “They asked me to work closely with Da’wah,” I will only work for the riots, not for any other title – I hope many of you understand why. “

“I am grateful for the second chance in my life,” al-Sharifi said, adding that he wanted to become homeless again four months ago, something he described as the “darkest age” of his life. “I escaped from the land of war. I came here to feel safe and secure. I am not very educated. [and] I haven’t passed my exams since I was late for school.

“Looking back at all the hardships … all the mistakes I’ve made made me a better and stronger person. There’s still more to fix and even learn about myself, but I’m happier with who I am, and I look forward to continuing to change for the better and I look forward to moving forward through the next new challenges and problems.

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“It’s my passion so I couldn’t ask for a better dream job, it’s all I wanted and I’m forever grateful for it.”

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Al Sharifi will work with riot teams on their Vanguard software, an anti-cheat system used in Valerant that was criticized for operating at the kernel level, but still has a fair share of hackers. “No game is undesirable. No cheating is undetectable,” al-Sharifi told Vice. Looks like he’s still finished his work.

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