Anthony Fauci warns COVID-19 outbreak isn’t over

President Trump’s infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci described the coronavirus as “his worst nightmare” on Tuesday and warned that the fight against its spread is far from ending.

The gloomy outlook of Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, continues as the United States continues to lock up slowly as George Floyd struggles with major protests in the cities over the killing of the police.

During a virtual view at the conference organized by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Fauci said, “In a four-month period, the world has devastated.” Said. “And it’s not over yet.”

Fauci added that there is still a world of uncertainty around the virus, and how it spreads and affects the body. He said that COVID-19 is much more complicated than HIV, a virus that has studied his career due to the degree of variability in infections, from asymptomatic carriers to patients who develop deadly conditions.

“Oh my God,” Fauci added. “Where will it end? We’re still at the very beginning of understanding. “

Fauci said vaccines would be the only way to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but he was confident that there was an antidote in studies.

“There are multiple winners in the vaccine field because we will need vaccines for the whole world – billions and billions of doses,” he said.

“The industry stepped into the plate – I heard a lot differently than what we see with SARS,” Fauci said. “The industry isn’t stupid – they got it. SARS had a certain contagiousness that it burned itself with pure public health measures. No way of this will happen with this virus. “

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Fauvi added that COVID-19 gives “bright light” to health inequalities in the USA. And while leaving the US public health crisis, Fauci said that resources should focus on the most vulnerable communities, namely, African Americans who have been “hit by a double” due to various factors, including socioeconomic and employment. whammy ”virus.

“[African Americans] having a higher job rate that does not allow sitting in front of a computer and teleworking They are out. “They do a lot of physical stuff where you interact,” he said.

The country’s best coronavirus expert also warned that he is trying to make price checks on vaccine manufacturers.

“You cannot force a price as much as you want to see fair pricing,” he said, thinking that companies will only move away if they encounter price control over vaccines.

“It is a profit-oriented industry,” Fauci added, adding that companies will “really not be able to meet these groups, countries and nations in good faith”.

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