Another monotony was found – this time in El Paso, Texas Offbeat News

The latest in a series of exclusive series found around the world has been released in El Paso, Texas.

According to local media, the structure appeared in a car park near a substation, a food, shopping and entertainment complex west of the high valley of El Paso.

A livestream video posted on Twitter showed a herd emitting a hollow sound when hit, indicating that it was light in weight or “not strong at all” as described in the video.

As soon as it was discovered, residents arrived to pick it up in a truck, with videos of the removal being shared on social media.

Since the first of the so-called monoliths was published last month Utah Desert, Others have attended Mountains of Romania, On A mountain top In California Wit Isle of Wight And in Belgium.

Others have owned one gold in Spain, Germany and Colombia since the first decade of gold was found in the United States.

Isle of White monochrome. Pick: Tom Dunford

Most of them disappeared a few days after the search.

Like most others, the El Paso monolith was a shiny metallic structure that resembled Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Monolith has appeared in Romania.  Photo: Zia's Piatra Nimt
Monolith has appeared in Romania. Pick: Zia’s pies are nemat

The first herd reported in Utah was originally spotted by state wildlife officials who helped count sheep born from Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopters.

The 10-12 feet (3–3..6 m) structure was discovered on the ground and it was pulled into pieces in a red rock cove by pieces of pieces to show how it got there and the conspiracy theories. Drew attention.

Metals have somehow been found in Utah.  Photo: Utah Department of Public Safety
The first monotony was found in Utah. Photo: Utah Department of Public Safety

But a few days later, the Utah Bureau of Land Management said The structure has been removed.

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According to U.S. media reports, a group called The Most Famous Artist has taken his credit and is selling one in California, and প্রতি 45,000 (34 34,000) each, according to U.S. media reports.

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