Another indie dev suggests Sony’s declining PS store sales requests

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You’d think Sony would all be happy to release PlayStation Store games at the request of a developer, but we’ve been hearing for weeks that the Japanese giant is less helpful than helpful in that category. The last to speak is Lucas Pope of Return of the Obra Dean, who is currently half the price of virtually all platforms – except you guessed it, the PlayStation 4.

Asked if he would get a discount on Sony’s system, Pope said:

Separately, that won’t mean too much, but this isn’t the first story. In fact, an agglomerate reseller poster has compiled all of the personal complaints of developers who could not get their games discounted on the PS Store. This is really shocking, because we can only imagine that such promotions can increase the overall sales of such developers, which the Japanese giant has reduced by 30 percent.

This is certainly extremely frustrating for the livelihood teams on this line and the PlayStation usually has an installed base that is too much to ignore – see, it may not create a particularly attractive platform for development for the PS4. Hopefully this is something that the manufacturer can fix quickly, because wherever it sits it is undoubtedly a bad look.

Heck, this writer used to buy Obra Dean’s return at half price! This is bad news for everyone!

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