Another Canadian tried in Beijing, Trudeau promised not to leave

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to continue everything to obtain the immediate release of two Canadians tried for “espionage”, saying Monday’s international sanctions against China are linked to these tests .

The trial of another Canadian detained in China for more than two years for “espionage”, Michael Kovrueg, was held behind closed doors in Beijing on Monday and the verdict will be known at a later date. Canada has once again condemned “arbitrary” detention in response to the arrest of a Chinese businessman.

Trudeau thanked diplomats from twenty countries who came before the Beijing court on Monday, where Michael Koverig was tried to show “solidarity of free democracies” towards Canada in the process.

“We continue to demand their release together,” Justin Trudeau said during a press talk. “Their arbitrary detention is unacceptable”.

“We won’t let the two go back home,” he promised.

Former diplomat Michael Kovrueg was tested three days later in Dandong (North East) by his compatriot Michael Spawer, which also ended without a public verdict.

Two people facing life imprisonment were taken into custody in December 2018, soon after the arrest of a leader of Chinese telecom giant Huawei, Meng Wenzhou, at the request of the United States. Ottawa accuses the Communist regime of arresting two of its own citizens “arbitrarily” as a measure of what Beijing disputes.

On Monday, Trudeau denied that sanctions against China were announced on the same day as the European Union, Britain, the United States and Canada opposed the treatment of the Uyghur minority during the trial.

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“There is no connection between these two events,” he said.

– Representation of 26 countries –

Through these sanctions, Canada and its allies wanted to demonstrate “intolerance” of Muslim minority “abuses of human rights and abuse of extremists” in western China.

Unlike Friday’s test, which lasted just two hours, Monday lasted nine hours.

According to a court official, neither the diplomats were allowed to attend the hearing nor Mr. Kovil was allowed to look into the case falling under “national security”.

Dacafers in charge of the Canadian embassy, ​​Jim Nickel, denied the access, welcoming the presence of diplomats from 26 countries, including Germany, the United States, France and Great Britain.

This indecent demonstration was not liked by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“Some or several dozen diplomats tried to meet to create pressure, it causes interference in China’s judicial sovereignty,” said Hua Chuning, a spokesman for the ministry.

“That’s not what diplomats should do,” she told reporters.

– “Completely Unacceptable” –

On December 1, 2018, the arrest of Meng Wenzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s chief financial officer and founder of the telecom group, led to an unprecedented deterioration in relations between China and Canada.

The Wall Street Journal reported in early December that Huawei was discussing an agreement with the US administration that would allow Meng Wenzhou to return to China.

US justice accused him of bypassing US sanctions against Iran.

However, the exact nature of the allegations against both Canadians is not known.

In March 2019, the official China New News Agency reported that Mr. Kovrig, who worked for the Kravis Group, was suspected of spying and stealing state detectives and Mr. Spawar was one of its members.

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The latter was in contact with China with North Korea, a country in which it organized trips, including personalities gained by leader Kim Jong Un.

Former Canadian ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques said he expected both decisions to be announced within weeks by Chinese justice.

“The message for the United States is clear: If you want to help Canadians, bring Meng Wenzhou back to China quickly”; He told AFP.

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