Announcement of results on Saturday, Buzoum leads

The results of the first round of the presidential election on December 27 in Niger will be announced on Saturday, the Independent National Election Commission (SENI) announced in a statement, while former minister Mohammed Bazoom was well ahead of the partial results published on the site. Of kenny.

According to a statement released on Friday, “The announcement of provisional overall results of the legislative and presidential elections has been postponed to tomorrow, Saturday, January 2, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.” In the morning, Kenny announced that he would announce the results at the end of the day on Friday.

According to the results on the SENI website, Mr. Bajoum, the right-hand man of the outgoing President of Mahamadou Issauf, was supported by former President Mahaman Ousman (675,000 votes), ahead of former President Hama Amado, whose candidature was accepted by the courts. Not done.

Two former Prime Ministers Seini Oumarou and Albade Abuba were behind by 345,000 votes and 260,000 votes respectively.

According to the site, results were compiled by 225 of the country’s 266 municipalities or more than 4 million votes out of 7.44 registered.

Ballot’s favorite, Bajoum, is aiming for a victory in the first round, which has never happened among the poorest people in the world in this country, who are addicted to DeAtat and fall prey to jihadist attacks.

Due to the disparity in voting by region, it is not possible to know whether Mr. Bajoum will succeed in his wager against 29 other contenders, including former Foreign Minister Ibrahim Yakoba (240,000 votes according to partial results).

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During the vote, Mr. Bazoum, who benefited from his party and the state’s electoral machine, promised to focus on safety and education, especially for young girls, breeding in this world record country with 7.6 children per woman Capacity.

The outgoing President of 68 years, Mahamadou Issoufou, did not stand for re-election after his two constitutional terms. This is the first time in the history of the country that an elected president will succeed another elected president.

“This new page is a breakthrough in our country’s democratic history,” he said in his New Year’s television and radio address.

One of the main challenges of the next president will be to curb jihadist attacks that have killed hundreds since 2010, and have driven nearly 500,000 refugees and displaced from their homes, according to the United Nations.

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