Animated series, based on the game

From Orcs: Animated Series.

From Ark: Animated series.
Image: Studio Wildcard

Starring Gerard Butler? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either They send me

In a recent press release, Ark: Animated series, First Announced at the Game Awards on Thursday night, there is a new extended look featuring animated adventures based on the hit video game, which is also Getting sequels. Consequences Is played Vin Diesel, Which, yes, is odd for a game about custom characters – and Diesel is also joining the company behind the game, Studio Wildcard, to work on both the sequel and the show as “President of Creative Convergence.” Which I am sure they decorated just

However, shows produced by Studio Wildcard, Ark: Animated series Will feature Gerard Butler, Michelle Yoh, Daly Jacobs, Elliott Page, David Tennant, Carl Urban, Jeffrey Wright, and Russell Crowe. Set mysterious Of the world Ark: Survivors evolved, Which takes place as a mysterious concept in the primitive world where dinosaurs re-existed, following the twenty-first century. Australian medical specialist Helena Walker who boarded the ship and had to decide how to survive. If the game gives any hints, he will temple the dinosaurs and punch lots of trees.

The show will be produced by Studio Lex + Otis and the music will be by Gareth Cocker (Ori and Wills of Whips, Hello: Infinite), Produced and co-produced by Executive J Oliva, who handled DC animated features like Adaptations Dark Knight Returns And Flashpoint. Script Produced from Lead Writers Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis. Watch the trailer below.

As of yet, there are no homes to broadcast the show. But the show is still planned for 2022 and is built for a two-season, fourteen-episode sequence.

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