Animals of Science: Why Do Panda Roll in Worship?

do you like science? Do you like animals? Then you will like Science animals, The new Fatura podcast that brings pride to place animal intelligence! To search every two weeks, Wednesday at 5 pm!

You don’t have to be a fan of cute kittens to agreewisdom The animal is as vast as a field, the more attractive and the lesser. For example, do you know that Elephants Are humans able to distinguish between languages? One Bird Can remember Hundreds of cash for its seeds The Or dung beetles Use the milky way for orientation The Not so silly, animals!

Bites de Science, The Animal Intelligence Podcast

If these fun facts tickle you Neurons, So don’t wait now: explore our first episode Science animals, Is based on a podcast Name column by Nathalie Mayer, And read from YouTube channel by Mary Curiosity box. Throughout all the issues, we will venture into the four corners of the world to meet all kinds of amazing animals and their most intriguing behaviors. Today, we begin by answering an essential question: why then The giant panda Do they roll in dung? Plug in your headphones, we’re off!

Embark on this new adventure!

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Transcription du Podcast

Welcome in Science animalsThe new Futura podcast that gives animals the pride of place. I’m Marie de la Boete a Curiositas and for this first episode, we’ll be interested in the surprising behavior of one of the world’s most famous animals.

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Do you know the giant panda? with this air Big teddy bear Eyes Operated in black, it is enough to melt us. But it also has Cash threatened. Evidence is also a symbol of foundation WWF.

We lacked the sweetness for this long-suffering bear who exists as an animal with a big heart. A heart so big that it is said how is it Black stain Immaculate appearance of white fur initially giant panda. Like the many marks of ashes wiped by their claws Tears On the death of a human. They covered their ears so that the sound of crying was not heard. And hugged each other for comfort.

To see him, with his good-natured air, sit there and chew one bamboo So far indigestible, only one wish comes to us: to give him a huge hug. But make no mistake about it. It also has small defects in animals. Here, for example, he is a bit lazy. Including when it comes to its beautiful seducing.

Worse – or perhaps not, depending on each person’s values ​​- the giant panda feels a strange attraction has developed … come on! Let’s not be afraid of words: hunting other people. And this attitude is very rare Mammals Wild – who usually like to stay away from them to escape Corrupted By Parasite – That the researchers wanted to know more. But why does hell tempt the giant pandas? horse manure The Rub it and spread it on your fur. With a marked priority, moreover, for Droplet Cold!

The kin they were pulsed was the Kinling Panda. Followers of the practice, these friendly creatures are created Subspecies Rare whose spots are light brown instead of black. And, small signs, they usually exhibit this behavior when the temperature in the mountains is below 15 ° C … So, do you know why they are doing this? But yes, you summer … really!

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Taking a closer look at horse dung (well, I can assure you eh, they don’t roll in it), researchers found two interesting substances: beta-carophylene and carophylene oxide. These have a super power: toggle, temporarily at least, the switch of the feeling of cold to “off”. A very practical property that the giant pandas discovered through experience has been living with horses who have explored the trade routes of the Kinling Mountains for 1,000 years.

Those who, unlike their cousins, do not overwinter, have found an equally effective solution to fight cold: a 100% natural coating that acts as a heater. We are still a long way from seeking inspiration to warm up to himcold But let’s be honest: not so stupid, Kinling’s Panda!

Thanks for following this first episode of Science animals. You can search for the original chronicle Nathalie mayor All our episodes on Futura and on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Castbox and many more. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss anything and leave us a comment and five Stars To support us on distribution platforms and improve our visibility. See you soon for a new episode dedicated to the most amazing animal behavior. See you again soon !

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