Angry in Britain after being cautious towards Sara

Anger is growing in the United Kingdom over the case of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old man who died in London, a Scotland Yard agent accused in the murder. On Saturday night, police used strong manners to disperse the crowd, who had gathered in Clapham Common to demand justice and arrested four protesters for violating anti-Kovid rules. Images of the agents’ harsh intervention led British Interior Minister Preeti Patel to order an investigation. The case of Sarah, found dead in a wooded area of ​​Kent last Friday, more than a week after her disappearance, has led to a strong crowd among British women who have called for greater security on the country’s roads.

The “recall in the streets”, collectively held in London, were banned by authorities, such as others convened in dozens of British cities, to avoid gatherings in the village of anti-Kovid rules. Despite this, hundreds of people gathered at Clapham Common in the southern part of the city to remember Sarah and demand justice. The video posted on social media showed officers molesting and handcuffing some women. Full report “on the incident.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke of “unacceptable” scenes. “The police have the responsibility to enforce the rules on Kovid, but from the pictures I have seen it is clear that the response was sometimes inappropriate and disrespectful”, Khan writes on Twitter, “I am in touch with the commissioner and Seeking immediate clarification ”.” This evening’s scenes in Clapham are very disturbing “, Keir Starr, leader of the Labor Party, said,” I share the anger and annoyance the way it was handled. ” This was not the way to monitor this protest “. Conservative MP Steve Baker, for his part, spoke of” unspeakable scenes “and urged party leader and chief, Boris Johnson, to” immediately change the measures for lockdown “.

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Everard’s murder shook the country and brought up the issue of women’s safety, especially on the streets in the evening. The body of a 33-year-old man, who went missing on the evening of March 3 after visiting a friend’s home in London’s suburban Brixton, was found in a wooded area in Ashford on Friday. A 48-year-old Scotland Yard agent who works in an elite unit that guards official buildings such as Parliament, Downing Street and embassies (was arrested in southern England for murder). It argues that the agent, Wayne Couzens, remained on duty in a fast food restaurant on February 28, despite a complaint for an episode of exhibitionism. Cougens, accused of kidnapping and murder, was taken to the emergency room twice, as he was in his cell for injuries to his head, which he allegedly himself was.

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