Andy Robertson: Unacceptable – we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again

Andy Robertson: Unacceptable - we have to make sure it doesn't happen again

Andy Robertson conceded that Liverpool’s performance at Aston Villa, who lost 2-2, was much lower than expected at the club.

The Premier League champions were completely defeated by Dean Smith at Villa Park and their first defeat in the 2020-21 top-flight campaign.

Robertson gave an honest assessment of the competition and stressed how he and his teammates are now determined to ensure that the show will not be repeated in the future.

Read the left-back match post-judgment …

From a player’s point of view, how do you explain what happened?

A lot of times we can’t believe it, to be honest. We weren’t good enough. We never won our second ball, we never won our challenges, we never scored from the chances we created in the first half, because we had a few. Then we end up with results like this. Unfortunately, they got as many chances as they got and all the credit goes to Aston Villa. They were better than us. Compete against the pitch they won and when that happens you will never win a football game. That result is embarrassing as a Liverpool player.

Does the problem get tougher when you start a game the way you want to get yourself back in the game, especially when you go backwards?

Yes it is but we need to get better. It happened before and it probably happened here last year, to be honest, when [in] In the first half we were all over the place and in the second we went and won. But we did not give ourselves that opportunity. When you are not present and it is a little late to find your rhythm, you need to be in the game. But unfortunately we made a lot of mistakes that ended up in goals. So when it happens you can never win a game. I think from the day the director came, the manager always said, if we are less than one percent, we will not win the game. Unfortunately, we were very short today, under the sea and when you do that you will never win a game of football.

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Was part of the frustration that there was a chance to reset it in half-time? But then the game seemed to follow a similar path in the second half and it doesn’t seem to be improving for you …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like we were down 4-1 in the first half and the Liverpool side believe we could come back – we did. At half-time the manager’s message was clear and it was, ‘Go and win the second half and if that’s enough, that’s fine, and if not, we’ll deal with it.’ But as much as we went out of goal in the second half and admitted, the scoreline gets embarrassing when you play for this club, it’s not acceptable and that’s what we all have to deal with. But we are a tough team. We are a team that is moving very well and we are a whole club that is moving very well and now is the time to make sure that this performance does not happen again. Forget the result, because they took every opportunity, but the performance was not good enough and we don’t need to be sure again.

Sitting in this dressing room and feeling as embarrassed as you are right now, are you even more frustrated two weeks before playing another game?

Of course. Usually we have to go for three days and leave the right and then all the ladda is ready. But unfortunately we are all going around the world [on internationals] But it is part and parcel of it. We’ve won big games many times before the international break, so we said how great it is to give up but unfortunately now we need to work with the other side. We should probably deal with our longest defeat. We now have to go two weeks away from all the kids and then we got a Merseyside derby. Look, the boys will be ready for it. It is up to us to be as fit and refreshed as possible with all the international games, but we will stay together and hope this performance never happens again.

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