Android 12L Available in Beta, Here’s How to Download It

Google has started deploying the first beta of Android 12 L. A redesigned version of its operating system for the larger screen is, as always, available for Pixel phones. We explain how to download them and what to expect.

During the Android Dev Summit 2021 held late last October, Google took the wraps off Android 12 L. It’s not really a question of a new operating system here, but insteada customized version For devices with larger screens – understand tablets and other foldable smartphones as well as PCs running Chrome OS. No big news on the horizon, but something to be curious about nonetheless.

Starting today, it’s possible to get your hands on Android 12L beta, the first of three planned ahead of its eventual launch. Opportunity to take a quick look at the additions made by Google. We’ll have to wait a bit for the bigger screen optimizations. Actually, Currently only Pixel smartphones are eligible for its installation.

How to Download Android 12L Beta

If you want to install the operating system, the first thing to do is to check if you have a compatible device. In early November, Google unveiled smartphones that would be able to get the beta. without surprise, we only get pixelsHere’s the full list:

If you don’t have any of these smartphones, don’t panic. This list will grow significantly by the time of the final launch, and will include equipment from other manufacturers, In addition, we already know all the Samsung smartphones and tablets that will be able to receive the update:

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So let’s go back to the beta. If you have one of the Pixels mentioned above, here’s the process to download and install Android 12L beta:

  • go to this link
  • get involved Android Beta Program 12L
  • Choose your smartphone Eligible equipment list
  • download system image Accordingly. You can find the full list at this link
  • start the installation

What are the new features of Android 12L?

As stated above, Android 12L is not a revolution, but an adaptation of the standard operating system. There aren’t any major new features in the program, although there are some notable additions. new task barwill, among other things, facilitate navigation especially on large screens Pinning frequently used apps,

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In general, performance is greatly improved by allowing applications to occupy all available space, in addition to providing developers with new tools. Customize Their Interface, The operating system itself has been redesigned to organize the notification screen, control center or lock screen. two columns, again to facilitate navigation and multitasking.

However, nothing like this will happen in this first beta, it is reserved for Pixel smartphones. That doesn’t mean the OS is useless, on the contrary. It’s coming fix some bugs, in addition to integrating the December 2021 security patch. The overall experience has also been optimized. Other new features will be added during the next beta.

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