Android 12 got only 2.6% users, Android 11 far ahead

Several months after its launch, Android 12 is still far from being installed on all devices. Indeed, according to a recent survey, only 2.6% of users would have migrated. Meanwhile, Android 11 remains the most popular version with 29.5% of users, followed by Android 10.

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A priori, one would think that, if not the majority, at least a significant portion of users have had Android 12 installed. In fact, the latest version of Google’s operating system has been available for several months, while manufacturers’ overlays remain a reveal. One by one. But it would be wrong to know Android’s deployment habits, which have lengthened over time in recent years.

Thus, it is not really surprising to know that only 2.6% of users have migrated to Android 12. This statistic we got from a survey conducted by Uptodown, a 130 million strong alternative store for Google Play followers. In fact, the operating system ranks fifth among the most popular OSes. Unsurprisingly, Android 11 ranks first with 29.5% of users.

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Android 12 still lags far behind Android 11

Later Android 10 (25.2%), then Android 9 (11.5%), then Oreo, version of Android 8.1 (11%). As noted above, these results are not uncommon. It is now customary that the most recent versions remain more popular than the earlier ones. This was especially the case with Android 11 in 2021, long behind Android 10, although a quarter of users had already adopted it.

So it’s only a matter of time before Android 12 catches up on most smartphones. The time when all the manufacturers develop their overlays on the one hand, the need is really felt among the users on the other. Apart from this, Uptodown has also revealed the most popular smartphone brands. Samsung is leading with 31.62% votes, followed by Xiaomi and Huawei with 16.31% and 11.07% votes respectively. Finally, the most used browser is Chrome, which is well ahead of its competitors with 83.6% of users.

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