Andretti, impending reaction in Formula 1?

It looks like American conglomerate Andretti Global has all the cards to find an 11th Formula 1 team. However, the FIA ​​has not yet approved it. Here is the project below.

Michael AndrettiMotorsport legend’s son, now all cards are in hand Found your Formula 1 team, All that is missing is the seal FIA, to validate the project before next month. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the US firm to enter Formula 1 in 2024.

Andretti Global Says he’s ready to take his $200 million entry ticket To reach the queen discipline of motorsport. Michael Andretti has all the necessary resources to find an eleventh team on the current F1 board. although it is It is imperative that the FIA ​​consider the project expeditiouslyAt the risk that the US project might not collapse, he handed over the microphone ,

, We have to hurry because the time we have in 2024 is running out. We’ll have to know within a month. I am very excited about this. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I think this is great for our brand and will take us to another level. This will raise our general level, which includes IndyCar. I’m in the racing business and I want us to always do better. ,

Mario Andretti’s son specifically mentioned his intention to take the project with him, a american pilot driving for the brand in INDYCAR, lucky winner colton huerta, The American firm places great hopes on that. According to him, the objective would be: Relaunch Formula 1 in the United States By presenting them with the Netherlands a new national champion like Max Verstappen.

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all descriptions that represent project foundation This new team entering Formula 1 appears to be solid. To the point of making the founder of this project very enthusiastic:

“My financial backers are great, they are there to be competitive, not just to say that they are in Formula 1. They are the people of the sport, they have made the franchises competitive, so they know how. Do that. Stuff. So it would be a shame if we couldn’t. It would be a good thing for everyone.”

mark of Motor K was also mentioned by Mario Andretti himself on the microphone. David Land, The American conglomerate does not want to build its own engine, but rather buy an engine from a manufacturer. This will be the engine of the French firm, renault ,

“We are not newbies. We know the necessary prerequisites. Much work has already been done. We already know where our UK facility will be located. We have entered into a formal agreement with our engine manufacturer. It will be Renault and I can tell you now. ,

So the French group could see itself being driven by a team other than its own, because McLaren in 2020 and at the end of their agreement.

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