And what if the new James Bond comes from Spain?

MADRID – Daniel Craig has surprisingly said goodbye as 007 in the 25th James Bond film and the search for a replacement has begun. The film ‘No Time to Die’ has an open ending so could be a man, woman, of African descent, gender neutral or … Spanish speaking James Bond. Suppose the producers choose an ‘Espia Espaol’ and a ‘Zero Zero Seat’, who could that be?

The chance is certainly very small but who knows, if the new James (or Jane) Bond could be a woman or a James Bond with African descent, why not James (or Juan) Bond from Spain? Spanish is a world language and Spanish language series and movies are very popular for Netflix, among others.

Below we list several Spanish popular male actors who can transform into 007 in the same way (again, chances are slim). We’ll leave out Antonio Banderas (due to his age), Javier Bardem (once a Bond film villain) and Santiago Segura (known as Police Officer Torrente).


1. Mario Cassa

Born in Galicia in 1986. The actor has played roles in 15 movies and 6 series so far, some of which can also be seen on Netflix. It is not known how good his English is, but it is known that he is in the list of 15 famous and handsome Spanish actors.

2. Jesus Castro

Born in Cadiz in 1993. Because of his looks they sometimes call him the Spanish Paul Newman. Netflix viewers know him because of the Spanish series ‘Mar de Plastico’ and the film ‘La Isla Minima’. The disadvantage of Jesus Castro (my name is Castro, Jesus Castro) is that he does not have blue eyes like James Bond.

3. Miguel Angel Silvestre

Born in 1982 in Castellón de la Plana. Known from various Netflix series and movies like ‘Sense 8’, ‘Narcos’ and ‘Sky Rojo’ and is certainly handsome enough to play James Bond with Spanish style. He speaks good English which is a plus for a British spy, right?

4. Andres Velencoso Segura

Born in 1978 in Tossa de Mar. Andres had an (almost) real Bond girl as a girlfriend, Kylie Minogue, but now she’s best known for her modeling work and much less for her acting (which isn’t so good).

5. Ruben Cortado

Born in Cuba in 1984. Well, he’s not technically a Spaniard but he shouldn’t be missing out on this list. James Bond has been to Cuba frequently so that is familiar territory to Reuben. Reuben is better known as a model for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jaguar and Roberto Verino, as an actor … may have a downside.

6. Alex Gonzalez

Born in Madrid in 1980. The actor is best known for several Spanish series that haven’t been watched beyond the borders of Spain, but he has also played roles in the movie ‘X-Men’ and is no stranger. So he’s known as a superhero, but would he be a good James Bond too? Anyway, at the age of 15 he studied English in the United Kingdom.

7. Maxi Iglesias

Born in 1991 in Madrid. Known for his roles in Spanish television series and films but little international experience. Still, he could have been a good Juan Bond because of his looks. Still, some Netflix viewers may recognize him for roles in “Velvet,” “Paquita Salas,” Velvet Coleción, “Valeria” and “La Cocinera de Castamar.”

8. A Gonzalez

Born in Guipuzkoa in 1986. Yon may be known to some readers for his roles in Spanish series that can be found on Netflix such as “Gran Reserva” and “Gran Hotel”. He also received an international award in New York.

9. Quim Gutiérrez

Born in Barcelona in 1981. This Spanish actor can be seen a lot on Netflix, so a large international audience will know him from ‘El Vesino’ (The Neighbor), where he is already playing a superhero, ‘Te Quiro Imbecil’ or ‘Primos’ . However, he is a slightly bumbling actor who doesn’t show as much confidence as Daniel Craig.

10. Dani Rovira

Born in Malaga in 1980. If the creators of James Bond are looking for a comedic version of 007, Dani Rovira is the right place for them. This actor is very popular in Spain and is best known as a comedian or presenter, but he can also act in serious films. Would he be suitable as James Bond…. I dunno, but the comic part is fine.

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